Do you ever have a hard time getting your kids to sleep?

We got an email recently from Brigid who is struggling to get her 3 year old to sleep (she’s got two younger ones too).

We’ve created a video to help her out. In this video, I share our “Six Sleepy Solutions: To Get Kids of All Ages to Sleep”.

Warning: I use a little bit of light language in this video. Please put headphones on or watch this when your kids are asleep (HA!).

The video is all about how to get kids to bed without bribes and threats. It might be tempting to bribe or threaten a child to get them to stay in bed, however these won’t help build the skill of sleeping (yes, sleeping is a skill—more on this in the video).

While we are not sleep experts we’ve got personal experience in this area and so do you.

Add your comment into the comments section for Brigid. Tell her what you’ve tried that has worked or at least tell her that she’s not alone in this one.

To your sleepiness,

Cecilia and Jason

P.S. I’m serious. Let’s share our collective wisdom with Brigid.
What have you done that’s worked?
What’s missing in our video?
Thanks for helping her out and for making our comments section be a joyful, supportive community. You rock!

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