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Do you lead the classes together?

Yes! So often parenting is a team sport. We offer different perspectives and backgrounds. We also really enjoy it!

How do I cancel my class subscription?

Contact us through the contact form on this page and we will take care of you.

Is this parenting style just about letting kids do whatever they want?

Definitely not. Parenting in this style is about having a relationship with your child. It is through this relationship that win-win solutions can be found. Sometimes we need to set limits to protect bodies or thing from being damaged. But we discuss how to set those limits in a loving, caring way.

Does this parenting style take longer to work things out?

Sometimes in the moment it can take longer to work things out. That’s okay, because as parents we are playing the long game. We want our kids to build skills–to handle their feelings, understand another perspective, and solve problems creatively. This parenting style helps kids learn these skills for life. Hundreds of studies have shown that punishments and rewards work, BUT they only work temporarily and don’t have a lasting impact on kid’s behavior.

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