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Our best advice when it’s tough with kids:breathe, laugh, dance, sing, hug, call a friend. Be gentle with yourself, you’re not done growing up yet. This won’t last and you are not alone.

Staying Calm Under Pressure

The following guest post is from our friend, Michelle Gale. She is a Happily Family Conference speaker, and she is letting us get an insider’s peek into her new book. Here is an excerpt from “Mindful Parenting In A Messy World – Living With Presence And Parenting With...

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What question NOT to ask a child

Whether you live with kids or work with them, at some point you’ve thought to yourself, “How do I get this child to…  ...turn of the screen,  ...stop screaming at her brother,  ...get his work done, ...take the trash out?" We recently talked to Heather Forbes author...

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5 Ways to Connect with Challenging Children

We asked a group of professionals what they struggle with, in their work with children. Can you relate to these too? Getting children to slow down and listen Not taking frustration, disappointment, and stress home at the end of the day Parent support...many parents...

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Empathy when a child is angry or rude

Recently we got an email from a parent who asked…. How do I respond with empathy when my child doesn’t do what I asked unless I get mad, answers me rudely by saying, “Fine!”, or is so angry that he puts his fists up to my face? As a compassionate parent, there are 3...

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How to NOT yell at kids

Today we are talking about how to NOT yell at kids. Nobody wants to yell at their kids. And yelling is something many parents struggle with. Afterwards, you might feel shame, embarrassment, or regret. But. How. Do. You. Stop? We share 3 tools to stop yelling… We don’t...

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Dr. Shefali – Being a Conscious Parent

One of the things I love most about our work, is building relationships with people whom we’ve admired and who have helped us along the way. Dr. Shefali Tsabary is one of those people. Talking with Dr. Shefali is like swimming in a mountain lake--it’s crystal clear,...

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