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Our best advice when it’s tough with kids:breathe, laugh, dance, sing, hug, call a friend. Be gentle with yourself, you’re not done growing up yet. This won’t last and you are not alone.

How to comfort a child when you are maxed out

During a Q and A call recently a mom–of a 3 and a 1-year-old–asked us a question… She said… “I get so mad at my daughter. I know she’s just being a 3-year-old kid but I can’t stop myself and when I reprimand her I sound like my mother. Today my daughter was crying,...

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Teaching Kids Self-Compassion

Does your child ever judge herself harshly? Maybe you’ve seen your child make a mistake–like forget her homework, break something accidentally, or oversleep–and then you could tell she was mentally beating herself up for it. Maybe she even said, “I’m so stupid. I’m...

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Bringing Fun Back Into Family

As I write this, I’m sitting at the dining room table with the cat on my lap, drinking some coffee. It’s raining lightly outside (Of course! It’s Oregon!). There are signs of spring everywhere. The plum tree outside the window is full of white blossoms. Yellow and...

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Triggered? Recover in 30 seconds by doing this

If you’re like me, when you’re in a “good place” you just don’t get triggered easily. As humans, if we’re not stressed or tired, things just don’t bother us that much. You can probably tolerate just about anything when you’ve had a full night of sleep, eaten, and...

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