Welcome! You’ve come to the right place if you want to create a strong, loving relationship with your kids. You don’t have time to read all the books about brain science, child development and psychology. You’ve heard that studies show punishments and rewards are not effective in the long term. You feel lost when your kids melt down or when they don’t “play nicely”

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

~ Albert Einstein

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What NOT to say during a meltdown

I want you to meet Dr. Christopher Willard. He’s a psychologist, author of 5 books including Growing Up Mindful and Raising Resilience, father of 2 kids, meditator, and teacher at Harvard Medical School (he’s no slouch!). Chris shares about meltdowns and the brain:...

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Dealing with a difficult child? Start with yourself

This past weekend Jason, and I hiked up Dog Mountain in the Columbia River Gorge on the Oregon-Washington border. We started the hike at 6am. It was dark. With my headlamp, I could only see the part of the trail directly in front of me and the outlines of the trees...

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When Empathy Does Not Work

A mom of an 8-year-old asked us this... “I don't know what the deal is lately, but I feel like I'm dealing with a teenager. When I try to help her with calming, or offer validation/empathy or suggestions for strategies when she's feeling those big feelings, it may...

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How to stop yelling at your kids

No parent wants to yell at their kids. Yet, we yell when we get to the end of our rope, we feel like we have no more choices, and we see our child as the enemy. But how do we stop yelling at our kids? Last week, we were honored to talk with Dr. Laura Markham about...

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When your kids don’t appreciate you

I was talking to another mom recently, who said that she doesn’t think her kids really appreciate her. I’ve been thinking a lot about her (and all of us) in the past couple days... This mom does a bunch of things for her kids… cooking, cleaning, and caring for them....

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Helping Kids Play Well Together

Last on the blog, we talked about what you can do to help kids reconnect after a blow-up… without forcing them to apologize to each other. You got 6-steps and mini-scripts for how to calm everyone down, help kids understand each other’s...

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