Welcome! You’ve come to the right place if you want to create a strong, loving relationship with your kids. You don’t have time to read all the books about brain science, child development and psychology. You’ve heard that studies show punishments and rewards are not effective in the long term. You feel lost when your kids melt down or when they don’t “play nicely”

Peace cannot be kept by force; it can only be achieved by understanding.

~ Albert Einstein

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Want your child to do chores?

A few months ago we talked to KJ Dell'Antonia. KJ’s a mom of 4 and a former New York Times reporter. She’s an excellent write; she’s wise and interesting. And her recent book, How to be a Happier Parent, is a great read. KJ lives on a farm, there is a LOT of work to...

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Parenting a child who is “too everything”

I’m just now recovering from hosting the Happily Family Conference last week. And yet, I think I will never be quite the same… this past conference changed me. Did it change you too? As a mom–inspired by so many speakers who talked about finding strengths, super...

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When your child is upset, where do you focus?

What do you focus on when your child is upset or having a meltdown? Do you pay attention to your child or to yourself? Dr. Kristin Neff, autism mom and self-compassion researcher, answered this question for us… What she said–and what the research shows–might surprise...

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What the Dalai Lama wants for kids

Have you ever had an argument with a spouse or partner that goes like this: The argument gets more and more heated until you start talking about feelings, and then it all changes from clenched jaws to peace and tenderness? It’s pretty amazing that when we talk about...

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How to support without overparenting

After hearing Jessica Lahey, author of the Gift of Failure, talk about the growth that occurs when we allow our kids to fail… After hearing Dr. Dan Siegel talk about when to give your kids a little pushin’ and when to give them a little cushion... I’ve come to the...

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