Once when our kids were young, I found myself sitting on the grass in front of a grocery store while one of them had a full-on meltdown.

If you have a child with big feelings or explosive emotions, you know the feeling.

Here’s what happened… 

The kids wanted to go in the shopping cart shaped like a car…

I usually let them ride in the car cart, but since we were short on time and were only grabbing a few things, I told them we couldn’t use it that time.

The oldest cried. I carried my kids out. 

People were looking. 

I felt ashamed and embarrassed, wondering: “What am I ‘supposed’ to do?” 

I was sure that people were staring at us and looking at me as a horrible parent.

Wondering how I handled that meltdown, and the many that inevitably followed over the years? (Because, yes, meltdowns, big feelings, explosive emotions, and tantrums are a completely normal part of child development…)

I made this quick video for you that explains exactly what to do when your child has a meltdown–both in the moment and afterward.

You’ll learn how to keep yourself calm through the chaos, support your children’s emotions, and encourage kid’s calmer reactions to tantrums in the future. 

Plus you’ll see that you can use these situations as an opportunity to build your relationship with your child… when you do these 4 steps!

Do you want a Calming Plan worksheet to handle challenging parenting moments like these more effectively? Click here to get your worksheet.