Recently we sent out a survey. Happily Family parents said that…

52% are concerned about their child’s anxiety
45% worry that their child has too much screen time
57% struggle with their child’s intense emotions
35% worry about fights between their children
28% worry about fights between the parents

Can you relate? I sure can!

Like most families, we’ve had some big ups and downs in the past two years and especially in the past 2 months.

One of the things that we continue to return to during tough times is to focus on the strengths of our family.

When going through a tough time, ask yourself…

What are your family’s strengths? What is going well right now?

In this same survey, we asked “What is going well in your family right now?”. We got 235 responses and I’ve read every single one of them.

These responses were so uplifting that we’re putting our favorite ones here.

We think you’ll enjoy reading this list of strengths because it might remind you of a few things that are going well in your family too! It may even inspire you with ideas to move forward.

After you read this list you can add YOUR family’s strengths in the comments.
We will read and respond to each comment.


What is going well in your family?

We all love and respect each other
Open communication. Lots of hugs and support.
Completing school work.
Having family meetings to solve problems.
We just had our child assessed, which seems to have put her at ease.
Making time for one on one time.
Our child has unstructured free days where he can explore.

We are still alive!

We are very close to each other and feel we can get through anything.
Open communication; staying calm; making good parenting decisions.
My wife and I are supporting each other well and connecting well.
I have become closer to my kids' needs unlike before when I was too busy for them.
We are spending a lot time outside!
We're all trying to stay aware and help others be calm and more present.
We are struggling but we are committed to each other.

Amazingly, the discovery of roller skating is a new found source of joy. Who knew that's what it would take to get my daughter interested in being outside?

We are getting outside lots and getting more active. We are open and honest.
Routines, rituals, starting to have conversations about self regulation and handling big emotions.
My self care practices.
My daughter feels understood by me and we are closer than ever.
We have lots of local resources.
Mom and dad get a date night once a week. Coloring, meditation and exercise.
Our faith
We are on a healthier growth-path than we've been, working on identifying and sharing emotions, and respecting emotions

Relations with ex-wife going well.

My kids are doing really well in school have a few decent friends.
My boys have compassion and care about fairness for everyone. They have the most gorgeous smiles and continue to put one on my face with all their cuddles, gorgeous ‘gifts' and hilarious sense of humor. Nothing makes me more happy than to see them grow.
Having dinner together to chat. Dog walks occasionally as a family.
We have great help from our older kids to help with the younger foster kids.

My wife and I are very much in love.

Everyone is healthy and it warms my heart when I hear the kids chatting like they're buddies.
Siblings showing love to one another.
Friendships are amazing. Setting & keeping schedule.
The kids are loving household chores :-D
I (mom) have settled into a new career that is fulfilling parts of me that were dormant for a long time. This bleeds into my personal overall happiness, which bleeds into the dynamic in my home.

I've been able to reach out and get a little extra support from our friends.

We’ve been trying to speak in a kind way, it just started this week but there’s been fewer fights and snapping.
We don't have major health or economical problems.
We have wonderful grandparents who can help me.
Family prayer, movie nights

We have food and a roof over our head.

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