Recently I got a question from a mom….

“I want some ideas on coaching my son with friendships… Sometimes he gets left out and then he gives up.”

No one wants to be left out!

So… How can we help kids get included in play and build resilience?

In the video I share with you our time-tested tips from when Jason and I taught together!

In less than 3-minutes you’ll hear about the research and practical tools we used to help kids get included in the game.

But here’s the thing.

A lot of teachers and parents handle situations like this by forcing kids to play together–even when they don’t want to. (That’s what happened to me in 4th grade and it destroyed my friendship with my best friend.)

What Jason and I did in our classroom was different.

We helped kids develop the social and emotional intelligence to join in a group, and we gave them strategies when it didn’t work out to build their confidence and resilience.

If your child has been excluded, how did you handle it?

Share in the comments below what you did to help. I read every comment and I might even use your comment or question in a future blog post!

XOX, Cecilia

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