For a lot of us right now, our children’s school experience is different than normal.

I’m sad about some of the things that our kids are missing out on, but I’m optimistic that this generation of kids will be okay… even if they’ve had less academic learning than in typical years.


Because there is something I value more than academic learning, grades in school, or even IQ.

What am I talking about??

It’s social and emotional intelligence!

In fact, social and emotional intelligence is more closely correlated with success than IQ is.

This is awesome.

Because–unlike IQ–social and emotional intelligence:
– can be taught
– improves over time
– and is a predictor of success

Plus, kids can learn social-emotional skills anywhere… even in quarantine.


Maybe your child struggles with big feelings…

…or resorts to hitting and name-calling rather than talking

…or you find your family falling into less-than-helpful patterns and you don’t know how to help

…or you want some practical advice for everyday struggles (that won’t make you feel guilty)

…or you wonder what is age-appropriate and how much to expect from your child.


If any of those are true for you, look no further.

Get a copy of Jennifer Miller’s Confident Parents, Confident Kids.

We’ve featured Jennifer in Happily Family Conferences since the beginning. There are few people on earth who understand how to raise kids with emotional intelligence better than she does.

Her book is a gold mine of easy, practical advice–solidly grounded in research–and it’s quickly becoming one of my favorite parenting books.

I especially appreciate that Jennifer addresses what parents can do at each age–from infant to teen–to increase our child’s emotional intelligence, while also handling everyday issues in an age-appropriate way.

I wish I’d had this earlier because it’s the kind of book to refer to over and over again as your kids grow.

We hope you like Confident Parents, Confident Kids as much as we do!


Cecilia and Jason Hilkey


Just in case you’re curious. Full disclosure: Jennifer is NOT paying us to recommend her book. We love the book, we love her… and we think you will too!


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