A few years ago after a tough day in middle school, our daughter boarded the noisy school bus that would take her home. She flopped down in the seat.

I imagine she had the facial expression that she so often wore in those days…  a thin veneer of teenage nonchalance and breezy self-confidence, to cover her exhaustion, anxiety, and self-doubt.

On the bus, the kids were rowdy. Some playing music, some zoning out on their phones, some were noisy and annoying.

A kind kid in another seat asked her, “How are you?”

She said she had a hard day.

He responded, “Oh, you haven’t had enough ‘moments’ today.”

Yes, that was exactly it.

She hadn’t had enough moments.


We–all of us–often don’t have enough moments.

Moments to be outside yourself, to see the beauty in the color of the sky, a dog joyfully wagging its tail, to see the shape of the leaves, the sound of the birds, to notice someone else’s face.

Or moments to be inside yourself, away from the pressures, the striving, and expectations of the world.

Moments to hear yourself think, to listen to your own inner voice and guidance, to know the truth about yourself as a spiritual being.

Moments to give kindness to someone else, or to receive kindness in a look, a touch, an act of generosity.

Moments to look into someone else’s eyes, and see that you are not alone, you are good enough, you are deserving, and without doing anything–you are whole and complete.


My wish for you is NOT happiness all the time.

Endless happiness is neither realistic nor attainable. Endless happiness might not even be desirable (even though I sometimes foolishly wish for it myself).

Rather, my wish for you is that you have moments of happiness.

As we enter the holiday season, I wish that you are sustained by these small moments. 

A smile. A touch. A kind word. A hug. An act of service.

A breath. A laugh. A comforting thought. 

I hope that you move from moment to moment with ease and deep knowingness, with comfort in who you are, and where you are.

Thank you for being you.

Thank you for doing all that you do in your home and family. 

The holidays may look different this year than last, different than what we have hoped and dreamed of.

But they can still be filled with moments.


What have been your favorite moments so far this week?

Share your moment in the comments below. I will read and respond to each one. 

May your heart be thankful. 

May you be satisfied.

And may you have moments.

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