Last week we wrote to you, saying that we are educating ourselves about race, listening to Black people and People of Color to hear their experiences, and talking–perhaps awkwardly and imperfectly–about race and social justice…

This is not easy work, but it’s important.

Recently we talked with Cathy and Todd Adams of Zen Parenting Radio. They’ve been podcasting about parenting for 10 years. They’ve got 3 girls.

We had a very open and honest conversation about what we’ve learned–in our parenting and in our life.

One of the things Cathy and Todd talk about is the danger of Spiritual Bypassing, which is using spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid unresolved emotional issues or wounds.

Spiritual bypassing can be done in any situation. The reason Todd and Cathy address it is that, as white people, it’s easy to use spiritual bypassing to avoid the discomfort of looking at race and the pain of our own deep emotional work.

If you’re white, our invitation to you is… let’s not bypass this work.

For people of all races, we can do difficult things together. We can care better for each other.

Jason and I are going to do this imperfectly. We’re not skilled at talking about race, we are students and listeners right now.

Here is an honest conversation between four friends–and a shortlist of resources below the video.

Resources that Cathy and Todd mentioned:

Click here for more Zen Parenting Radio

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice

Antiracist Baby – Kindle Edition
by Ibram X. Kendi

13th – documentary available on Netflix

White Fragility
by Robin J. DiAngelo

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