Have you ever lost it with your child, but then afterward thought, “Wow, where did THAT come from?”

This has certainly happened to me… I’m trucking along in my day and then (wham!) something happens with a family member and a sleeping dragon gets woken up from inside me.

If you’ve ever gotten caught off guard by your feelings, or if you want to understand yourself better then you’ll love this topic.

One of the most important parts of mindful parenting is noticing and understanding what is going on for ourselves. In a perfect world, we’d be able to “tune in” to ourselves before we interact with our child, understandably this is challenging to do in real life with our kids when things are fast-paced and can happen unexpectedly.

But don’t despair, even afterward “tuning in” to ourselves and understanding our feelings can be a game changer. It’s so useful to understand what we, as parents, bring to the table, when we’re with our kids.

Today I wanted to teach you the 3 simple “tuning in” steps that I’ve been teaching my individual coaching clients and the parents of The Village community. These steps are from the work of Dr. Marshall Rosenburg and his book, Non-Violent Communication.

I made this 2-minute video to share these steps with you.

Have a lovely week!

I look forward to reading your comment after you watch it.

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