As a parenting coach, I spend all day talking to parents of struggling kids. These parents frequently tell me how alone they feel.

 In the depths of my own parenting struggles, I too have often said, “I feel so alone.”

When we parents feel alone, it’s not good for us or for our kids.

So why do we isolate ourselves during the times when we need support around us the most?

I’ve identified 3 things that keep parents from speaking up, reaching out, and sharing our truth. These 3 potent false beliefs make us less effective as parents, stop us from getting the support that we need, and keep us from showing up for our kids.

Spend a moment and watch this video where I debunk these 3 false beliefs and talk about what our kids can teach us about how to feel less alone.

Have you felt alone in your parenting (especially when your child was struggling)? Do you relate to this video? If so, write “I get it” in the comments below.