I was talking to another mom recently, who said that she doesn’t think her kids really appreciate her. I’ve been thinking a lot about her (and all of us) in the past couple days…

This mom does a bunch of things for her kids… cooking, cleaning, and caring for them.

On top of that, she’s the primary income earner for her family, she’s in school and she’s starting a new business.

She’s pretty maxed out.

Her kids, like ours, have NO IDEA how hard we work, how much we do, how tough it is. Our kids just aren’t able to acknowledge us.

But just because our kids can’t acknowledge us, doesn’t mean that we can’t acknowledge each other! Right?

I know how hard you work, how much you do for your kids…

So I’m doing a public appreciation for you!

I appreciate you, dear sister, for all the effort you put into parenting. Your efforts are not something that our society honors, values, or supports much.

Your kids might not see all your effort.
Your partner might not see all your effort.
Your family might even think you’re a little bit crazy.

Today, and everyday, I honor and value you.

There are so many things you do each day, dear sister, in your house, for your family

I thank you
…for all the cooking, packing lunches, and dishes you do
…all the cleaning, tidying and laundry you do
…all the shopping, restocking, and money management you do
…all that you do at your job, to support your family
…all the driving, social planning, and parties that you organize
…all the school events, field trips, and volunteering you help with
…all the diapering, feeding, burping, rocking, dressing, teeth brushing, and bathing
…all the books you’ve read, songs you’ve sung, games you’ve played
…all the doctor and dentist appointments, and emergency room visits you do
…all the sports, performances and practices, and art activities that you watch or lead
…all the things that you do, that people may or may not see.

I also thank you, my dear sister, for all the mostly invisible things
…all the middle of the night worries
…all the times when you’ve felt guilty and vowed to do something different
…all the hugs you’ve given, the tears that you’ve wiped away, the snuggles you’ve offered
…all the times you were just present, open, and you listened
…all the books, workshops, classes and speakers you’ve listened to, to become a better parent
…all the times you postponed what you wanted because one of your kids needed something else
…all the times you took a deep breath before responding to your child
…all the times that your sleep has been interrupted
…all the times when you postponed going to the bathroom, showering, brushing your hair or eating, so that you could care for your child
…all the times you meditated, journaled, or prayed for your child
…all the times you reached out to someone else for advice, guidance or support
…all the times you’ve given the advice, guidance, or support to another
…all the times you’ve healed something from your past, so you could be the parent you wanted to be
…all the times when you told your child the truth, that she needed to hear, even when it was hard
…all the times you forgave yourself for not living up to your own standards
…all the times you gave yourself empathy and compassion
…all the times you started fresh, reconnected, and repaired a hurt for your child
…all the times you dug deeper to see under the surface for yourself or for your child
…all the times you did the hard work, so that life for your child could be a little easier.

Why am I thanking you for this?

Because I know the struggle of parenting. Most of us sisters are struggling, alone in our houses, alone with our own kids. We get blamed if our parenting goes wrong, but very little credit if it goes right.

I know the power that is generated when we shine light on the things that matter.
I know the power that comes when we lift each other up.
I know that in the sisterhood, there is no comparison, no competition for the richest or prettiest, the best dressed or most obedient child.
In the sisterhood, there is only a river, deeply running, a soul-to-soul connection.

And the more love you show to your children, in your house, when no one else is watching, the more joy and peace is spread to your friends, your schools, your community, and your world.

Your world is my world.
Your community is my community.
Your schools are my schools.
Your friends are my friends.
What you do for your family, you also do for me.

Because I see you.
You see me.

I know you.
You know me.

I am you.
You are me.

Thank you, dear sister.
With all my heart and soul.
Thank you.

If you know a sister who needs some encouragement today email this to her here or click here to post on Facebook and spread the love.

If there is something additional that you need acknowledgement for… add it to the comments below. Don’t be shy, sister! Let your light shine and I will shine it right back to you.


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