If your fairy godmother came to grant you one wish for your kids, what one thing in life would you want to give them?

Meaningful relationships?

Hard to choose, isn’t it?

Even if you don’t have a fairy godmother, you don’t have to choose between these things. Why?

Because there are now 25 years of empirical data, from over 600 studies done by different groups of people all over the world that say that this one particular skill is a predictor of happiness and health, success in relationships, learning and career.

What is it?


It’s emotional and social intelligence.

But here’s something else as a parent and an educator, I find equally exciting.

Unlike IQ which is basically fixed over someone’s lifetime, emotional and social intelligence (EQ) can be taught.

In fact, our EQ improves over our lifetime, with experiences, practice and teaching… You don’t need a fairy godmother to develop it, but it helps to have support.

This means that we as parents and teachers can help our children develop the EQ skills that will allow them to be more successful in school and friendships, and the skills that are even a predictor of job performance and health.

How do we do that?

We’ve been busy these past few weeks talking to experts in education and parenting Who want to share with you how to help the children in your life develop EQ, mindfulness, and to be engaged learners.

We are hosting a free online conference with 25 experts who care passionately about children, education, and parenting. We are calling it Education: Next Generation

Authors, experts, and educators like: Alfie Kohn, don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Scott Noelle, Dr. Ross Greene, and 21 more…

Join this global conversation as we ask thought leaders how we can teach and raise kids to play well with others… kids who are resilient and innovative…. and kids who are just plain awesome.

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See you there!