A mom reached out to us about her 13-year-old son…

“He seems to be doing okay in school and has friends… but his primary interest is in screens, especially gaming and TikTok/YouTube watching. We’re okay with him using screens as a means to socialize and play together with friends and we’ve set up together some specific boundaries…

But I’m concerned about the type of [social media] he consumes… My son watched [XYZ influencer] recently so I watched some of his videos for about 15 minutes and the sexism/machismo just really turned me off. And [XYZ influencer] has millions of followers and has won an [award] recently even after [doing some bad stuff]. I’m just feeling like the pop culture world my son chooses to engage in is so disturbing to my core values and I’m having a hard time with that.”

We hear you.
We get it.

We made a short 3-minute video about what to do if you’re concerned about the content that your child is consuming.

We think you’ll find our response reassuring and do-able.

Thanks for watching this quick video about how to help kids be safe on social media.

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