Are you tired? Tired of covid? Of politics? Of schooling during a pandemic? Of waking up in the middle of the night because of your kids?

Are you tired of not having enough time in your day? Of trying to be perfect? Of acting happy when you’re not?

Are you tired of making the same mistakes again and again with your kids?

Are you tired of being tired? I am.

I am right there with you!

And then I watched this video of Leslie Arreola-Hillenbrand from LatinX Parenting talking to us about imperfect parenting.

It’s only 3 minutes long. It’s just slightly longer than a voicemail. :)

We don’t have to get our parenting “right” all the time.

We can make mistakes, and do re-do’s in our parenting.

When we allow space for ourselves to be imperfect and let go of expectations of ourselves and our kids, then we actually increase the chances that we’ll get it “right”

(You’ll want to watch this video until the end because you’ll hear about Leslie and Mercedes Samudio’s ongoing debate about the best boy band.)


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