If you’ve been following Happily Family because you thought Jason and I have it “all” figured out, let me be the first person to tell you—we don’t. 

Even though we’ve read many books, interviewed over 250 parenting experts, and worked professionally with kids and families for decades—we still make mistakes. 

Perfection in parenting (and everything else) is an impossible goal, but let’s take it a step further…

Perfection in parenting is an UNDESIRABLE goal. Here’s why:

When we role model for our kids that we are imperfect and still lovable, we give our kids the message that THEY are still lovable, even when they are imperfect. 

In other words, our kids understand that their perfection is not a requirement for our love.

Being in a family–growing, learning, and supporting each other–is a messy, imperfect process. 

Let’s let go of perfection as a goal. Instead, let’s embrace the goals of connecting authentically with our kids, understanding ourselves, and reconnecting powerfully whenever we mess up.

Here’s a short video of how to reconnect based on a conversation that I had with a mom who has a chronic health condition and sometimes loses her patience with her kids.

Did this relieve you of any of the guilt of parenting and thinking that you have to be some version of “perfect”? I’d love to hear your voice in the comments.