Recently, one of the most common parenting questions we’ve been asked is, “How do I manage my own anxiety internally while juggling my kid’s worry too?”

We get it. There is a lot that you could be worried about right now… inside and outside your family.

A little while back we talked with Renee Jain about how to juggle our adult feelings while at the same time addressing our child’s feelings.

Check out this short video to see what she says.

Renee says that when people feel fear it’s often not during circumstances that are actually life-threatening… even when we feel like we might die when we walk out onto a stage in front of other people, chances are we probably won’t!

Also when your kids get anxious, it’s an opportunity to develop resilience. Resilience can be taught and learned as a skill… just like tying your shoes!

Here’s Dr. Shefali and Renee’s new book with tools and activities for kids to understand their feelings and turn anxiety into resilience.


P.S. We are not being paid to recommend this book. We love Dr. Shefali and Renee and their book and we think you will too! :)

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