I’m going to talk about something that I’ve never talked about publicly before… a time when I had a meltdown.

And I’ve got a 5-sentence mini-script that you can say whenever you are about to lose it. Seriously, it’s gold!

First the story, I rarely talk about, when I really lost my 💩.

I remember one time when the girls were little. We were trying to get into the car to get home from the grocery store.

They started fighting. I can’t even remember what they were fighting about; all I remember was feeling exhausted and frustrated.

So I took the balloon that they had gotten from the grocery story and…

I had a mommy meltdown.

I popped their balloon… on purpose… to “get back” at them for fighting.

And then I felt awful.

Not one of my best moments…

And just now, I got off the phone with one of my private coaching clients, Stacey.

Stacey’s son dropped his iPod by accident and the screen broke. When her husband got mad, she got mad too (and sad and worried).

So, she had a mommy meltdown and dropped her son’s iPod again on the floor.

We’ve all be there. Right, sister? When the oatmeal really hits the fan?

And there is a quick and simple thing that Stacey and I could have done to nurture our own child, and ourselves.

It’s a 5-sentence mini-script that you can say to stop (or prevent) the Mommy Meltdown.

Here it is…

“I’m having some really big feelings right now.

It’s not because of you.

We’re going to get through this together.

I’m going to take a couple of minutes to take care of myself.

And then, I’ve got a really big hug for you if you want it.”

It’s good enough to print out or copy to a sticky note and put it on your wall, right?

That’s what I’m doing.

And Stacey is too.

Write in the comments below if you’re going to put the mini-script on a sticky note.

Are you in the “Sticky Note Club”?


Your Friend,


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