As I sat down to write to you, I got a text message from a mom. “I am struggling with my daughter’s temper and even more, my own temper.”

Recently we sat down with Dr. Daniel Siegel. We asked him…

How do we help kids tune in to what they feel and RECOVER from their feelings?

If you’ve ever listened to Dan Siegel before, you know that you’re in for a treat.


In this video, you’ll hear why you DON’T want to distract your child from their feelings.

And why is it counterproductive to tell a child “It’s okay”, when to them “It’s not okay”.

Our favorite take-away was…

Your child “can be in a very uncomfortable state and you can be there with it and NOT try to get rid of it.”


More information about Dr. Dan Siegel, his books and his programs can be found at his website and The Mindsight Institute.