We’ve all been there. We’ve all been angry, sad, or frustrated with our child’s behavior.

Whether it’s younger ones fighting in the backseat of the car, or teens who are starting to make some questionable choices, we have feelings that well up in us, for our kids.

Underneath the anger and frustration, mostly we are scared.

We get scared of our child, or for our child. Scared that we’ll make a parenting mistake in one of those difficult moments and harm our relationship with our child. Scared for our child’s future and who they might grow up to be.

But I know if I parent when I’m scared, then I tend to do things I regret.

Here’s a video about how to shift away from fear in our parenting, when our child is acting out.

(Even though we’re talking about boys, the same things are true for girls too!)


If you’re ready for more support on your parenting journey to help with your child’s aggressive behavior and you are the parent of a boy, Tosha has an amazing program.

Check out the details here.

Get the full interview in The Village by Happily Family.

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