We asked Dr. William Stixrud and Ned Johnson, authors of “The Self-Driven Child” and their new book “What Do You Say?”, about how to make the shift from trying to control our kids' behavior to being their coach or consultant.

Let’s be honest here…

Shifting into a “coaching role” with your kids feels scary, no matter how old your kids are. And it can be especially terrifying with teens because their behaviors and choices can have…

Long. Term. Consequences.

(think: college, pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, etc… Yikes!).

So how do you let your kids have more control without being scared out of your mind?

How can you share your life experience, perspective, and wisdom as they grow older and have them actually listen?

We all want the best for our kids. And our kids want what is best for themselves.

What Bill and Ned talk about, makes it possible for you–and your kids–to get what you both want!

Bill talks about how more control lessens kids’ anxiety and Ned shares a story about his own son that was so surprising Jason and I had to pick our jaws up off the floor!


If you like this conversation with Bill and Ned…
Or if you enjoyed the “The Self-Driven Child” book…
Or if you want to know how to help your kids build motivation and stress tolerance…
Or if you just want to have the same books on your nightstand as we do on ours…

Then check out their brand new book “What Do You Say”? It truly is a gem.

Their book is chock full of sample dialogues, reassuring stories, and wisdom that will make parenting easier, help you give your kids more control, AND help you sleep at night.


Get more information about their recent book “What Do You Say” here.

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