When people ask me, “How do you do it all?” I feel proud and a little smug, but I probably shouldn’t…

Let’s be clear. All the rushing, being on our screens, and productivity have a dark side especially if you are a parent… Rushing all the time means that we are anxious and stressed, and we miss out on life.

Rushing makes me miss the small moments of joy and tenderness with my kids. When I’m stressed, my family thinks I’m unavailable, and I miss out on connection. I can literally numb myself and my feelings with busyness.

We had the pleasure of talking to New York Times Bestselling author, Rachel Macy Stafford about how to get out of the rat race and be more present with our kids and in our life.

Most of us have to work, and we all have to get stuff done, presence isn’t something that has to take a lot of time. If you say to yourself, “I’ll be more present when my life calms down” 👈 That thinking is part of the trap of productivity. Rachel talks about it here.

Do you want more of Rachel Macy Stafford’s practices to let go of perfectionism, embrace self-forgiveness, offer your gift to the world, and know true self-worth?

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