No matter how old your kids are you’re going to have feelings about them and their behaviors (unless you’re a Zen master!).

Here’s what is happening at our house right now…

Our oldest daughter is learning how to drive… which brings up all sorts of feelings for Jason and me…

  • Happiness that we won’t have to drive her around so often.
  • Fear that she could get into an accident.
  • Sadness that we’ll miss conversations in the car.
  • Nostalgia that she used to be so young!
  • Excited about her new independence.

All these feelings are triggered by her learning to drive.

Most of the time us parents think of triggers as something automatic or reflexive, that we don’t have a choice about… like mixing baking soda and water 🌋.

The truth is: We are not helpless victims of our triggers, we do have some choice about them.

Recently we talked to Dr. Lynyetta Willis about triggers… and what we can do when triggers are unpleasant.

Lynyetta explained that there are 3 parts of a trigger–and each of these parts includes an opportunity to choose!

If you feel helpless or hopeless with your triggers, watch our brief conversation here.

In our next post, we share Lynyetta’s powerful tool for transforming triggers.

Here is the first step: share in the comments below something your child does that triggers you.

We read every comment!

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