If you’re a young person–or trying to raise one–several things about the future could get you worried. 

Parents have asked me, “With ‘x’ happening in the [government, economy, climate, society], how can I be authentically hopeful for my kids’ future?” 

I recently heard a teen say, “I didn’t think that I’d make it past my 18th birthday. I had no hope.” 

And last week I went to listen to Fr. Greg Boyle speak, and he talked about the importance of hope in his work with young people who are coming out of prison and gang life. 

One thing is clear–wherever you are, whoever you are–it’s essential to have hope.

So, how do we instill hope in our kids?

In this quick video, I talk about what hope sounds like and what it doesn’t sound like.

When our kids share their fears or concerns about the future, it’s tempting–but ultimately counterproductive–to respond with toxic positivity or platitudes. 

Instead, let’s validate kids’ emotions and help them have authentic hope and positivity about the future. 

What questions do you have? Leave them in the comments. I do my best to personally read and answer each one!

“The delivery system of hope is loving, caring adults who pay attention. If you have a pulse, you can do that. Listen. And allow your heart to be altered.” – Fr. Greg Boyle

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