Three Steps to Resolve Sibling Conflict: How to Help Your Kids Get Along With One Another

If you have two kids or more, you’re probably already thinking about how to help them build a strong relationship. Part of building a strong relationship, especially for siblings, is handling conflict constructively. 

Maybe your kids get along well most of the time, or maybe their sibling rivalry and bickering is driving you crazy. Either way, we’ve got 3 tips for you to help your children get along better.

We received this question recently:

“Help! My kids have gotten along well for years… but suddenly they don’t. How do I fix it? Our 12-year-old daughter wants to hang out with her friends more and is being ‘mean’ to her 9-year-old brother. The 9-year-old is responding by acting ‘annoying’ to his older sister.” 

The result: constant sibling fights and frustrated parents who feel lost on how to handle the tension between their children in a constructive way.

In this 3-minute video, I’ll walk you through 3 quick and easy steps to help your kids get along better, no matter their ages, even if they are “high needs” kids. 

These 3 steps will show you how to work with your kids to resolve conflict and help them build a positive sibling connection while also tending to each child’s feelings and individual needs.

You might be tempted to skip Step #1, but don’t–it’s really important!

We’ve never seen Step #2 recommended in a parenting book, but it’s one of the most powerful parenting tools we’ve used.

And Step #3 can even work in the “heat of the moment”.

Thanks for watching this quick video about how to help siblings get along. Let us know what you think in the comments section!

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