During a recent Q & A call, Natalia described a situation with her son…

“At school, some kids hurt him accidentally, then he called them names. I’ve already tried telling him to ignore the situation, use breathing, or use his sensory box to calm down. After he calms down he understands the situation but it seems like he’s suppressing his feelings. What else can I do? How do I help him genuinely want to apologize?”

There are a lot of different layers to this situation, but we think the solution comes from one simple strategy… that we demonstrate for you!

Here’s a quick video of the solution.

What we talk about in the video works for children of any age. This one strategy is the quickest way we know of to help kids calm down, stop hitting and name calling, and build emotional and social intelligence.

And it’s the only thing we know of that helps kids genuinely want to apologize… although it may sound a little counterintuitive at first! :)