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Our best advice when it’s tough with kids:breathe, laugh, dance, sing, hug, call a friend. Be gentle with yourself, you’re not done growing up yet. This won’t last and you are not alone.

When Your Child is Angry: What to Do

During a family car ride once when I was little, I got really mad at my big brother. I remember wanting to punch him! I didn’t hit him, but when we were close to home, we pulled into the driveway. I jumped out and, instead of taking my anger out on someone else, I...

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Secrets to Taming Tantrums, Part 2

You might say it’s a child having… A tantrum A melt down Big feelings Getting to the end of their rope Flipping their lid. Whatever you call it, we’ve all experienced it. Every parent struggles, at one point or another, with helping their child through an upset. For...

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Secrets to Taming Tantrums, Part 1

No matter how old your kids are… 2, 12, or 22 years old, at some point they’ve been overcome with emotions. Even us, mature adults have “grown up tantrums” occasionally. We might call it road rage, over-eating, over-drinking, over-shopping, yelling, door slamming, or...

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