limiting screen time for kids part 2

Limiting Screen Time for Kids – Part 2

Be sure to read Part 1 where we talk about giving kids unlimited game time and present relevant research from experts in the fields of parenting and child development. For Unlimited Game Time Part 2, we’ll talk about HOW we did it and WHAT we learned. If you disagreed with us, or thought we were crazy…

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kids playing video games

Limiting Screen Time for Kids – Part 1

Truth be told, I never love it when my children play video games. I’d much prefer them to be playing with their friends, reading a book, painting a picture, riding their bike, or eating mud (just kidding!). It’s especially hard for our youngest (who is 11) to regulate her game playing. She often forgets to…

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sisters running

Sibling Fights in Summer (Or Any Season)

Summertime can be really fun. There’s the beach, fireworks, BBQs, and hanging out with friends by the pool. But summertime is also really stressful, if your kids aren’t getting along. There are lots of things in summertime that can contribute to siblings fights… everyone is at home, normal schedules are thrown off, the stress of…

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Ross Green EdNextGen conference

The Explosive Child

As part of our Education: Next Generation Online Conference, Dr. Ross Greene was one of our featured speakers. Unfortunately, due to a family emergency he was unable to participate in the conference. Fortunately, Dr. Greene generously met with us online after the conference and we are delighted to share a recording of that interview here.…

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mom and child walking

Key to Kid’s Health, Happiness, and Success

If your fairy godmother came to grant you one wish for your kids, what one thing in life would you want to give them? Health? Happiness? Intelligence? Creativity? Resilience? Compassion? Success? Meaningful relationships? Hard to choose, isn’t it? Even if you don’t have a fairy godmother, you don’t have to choose between these things. Why?…

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