Happily Family Blueprint Program

The blueprint for more joy and connection with your kids

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  • Have confidence and enjoy parenting!
  • Set healthy limits with empathy
  • Build relationship, balance, and connection without losing yourself
  • Techniques based on current brain and child development research

End the Struggle... Join the Tribe

  • Stuck in old behaviors and patterns? Too much fighting in your family?
  • Do you feel alone in your parenting? No community around you?
  • Do you keep trying harder, but it doesn’t seem to be making a difference?


1 Year Full Access to the Blueprint Program


Easy to access videos, audio and cheat sheets that you can access anytime for 1 year. Each module can be streamed or downloaded as audio files.


Monthly LIVE group coaching calls with recordings available afterwards.


Enjoy the community of like-minded parents, teachers and professionals. Ask your questions, tell a story, feel supported.


Additional full partner membership – so your spouse/partner can participate and get questions answered, at their own pace


Additional recorded workshops about anger, massage, home environment, feelings and relationship.


Look "over our shoulder" as we handle real situations with kids in the homes of other parents.

Steps Towards Compassionate Parenting

Key principles in the Blueprint Program


You will learn the steps to create solutions with the whole family, and how to come up with a solution that will meet everyone’s needs. You’ll learn what to do if someone doesn’t want to talk, you can’t reach a consensus, or you don’t have enough time to talk it out.


You will learn how to motivate a child to do school work and chores, without resorting to rewards and bribes or punishment. You’ll know what to say to provide feedback for your children and to keep them motivated.


You will learn how to establish clear boundaries compassionately, how to set limits without threats or punishments, and when to draw a hard line and when to be lenient.


You will learn how to handle sibling rivalry, when to step in and how to step in, and how to use communicate with multiple children who have different needs. You’ll know how to stay calm, what to do when a child when has a tantrum, hits, or screams. You’ll learn how to communicate with your partner to get on the same page.

Who We Are

Creators of the Happily Family Conference and Online Education

We are partners in our marriage, our teaching, and our parenting. We’ve developed a flexible system to communicate and connect with children, based on brain science and our professional experience.

We’ve worked with hundreds of children and families in person. Our online classes and conferences have reached tens of thousands of people in 146 countries

We have over 30 years combined experience in the education and therapy fields (plus a Masters degree in Occupational Therapy, and a minor in Neurobiology). We taught together in the same classroom, and in separate classrooms, with kids from 3-12 years old. We’ve worked with children with disabilities (birth to young adult) and their families, in homes and schools.

We have a extensive knowledge of progressive education and homeschooling philosophy. We’ve interviewed over 50 parenting and education experts. We’ve presented at conferences, schools and businesses in the US and abroad.


Real Comments from Real People

Hundreds of people have taken the Happily Family Blueprint Program and changed their parenting

  • Truly, you have been so life changing for our family. An inspiration to how we parent. We cannot thank you enough for these gifts.

    – Rob Y.

  • I loved the clarity and simplicity of your process.

    – Jacqueline P.

  • This is the best resource for parents that I have found on what to do when the conflict erupts with kids. It is a really easy system to follow. It has made playtime with the two kiddos wonderful.

    – Christina O.

  • So simple yet so powerful. Thank you!!!!!

    – Lori S.

  • Happily Family is an amazing resource.

    – Tywana S.

  • Just filling my cup with reminders of how I want to parent and that I'm not alone in this journey, I soooo appreciate it.

    – Deanne D.

  • I already used your techniques this morning twice and it is only 9:15!

    – Sirpa K.

  • I'm loving the Blueprint class!

    – Lorianne S.

  • I grew up in an authoritarian household and wanted to try something different. Thank you for introducing me to something different.

    – Enrica S.

  • We've felt very encouraged and supported by your work. [Seeing] how you two work together has informed our marriage. Of course we were really focused on parenting and not couple–advice, but we got both!

    – Eddee K.

  • I have grandchildren and I use your wisdom and good sense to gently advise my 3 year-old grandson.

    – Meri P.

  • My kids are young adults, but I still find your advice relevant and timely.

    – Lynne Y.

  • You use the latest brain research. You are positive and affirming in your approach. You understand the limits of time outs which never worked with my grandson.

    – Candace K

  • My daughter is 11 and we have the relationship that I had always hoped for. [I used to] aimlessly react to situations. If I had continued that way there would have been a lot of guilt, shame, anger and hurt. Thank you for Happily Family. You are an oasis for me.

    – Suzanne W.

  • Working with you has changed how I relate to parenting. You are refreshing and positive. You always show me the path. Your work is so inspiring to me, without the skills and perspective you've taught me, I would have given up.

    – Heather K.


What’s included in the Blueprint Program? +
  • Self-Paced Modules with over 15 hours of video or audio that you can access anytime for 1 year
  • Each of the modules can be viewed or downloaded as audio files
  • 12 Live Group Coaching Calls
  • Bonus workshops with Guest Experts
  • “Real Life Parenting” video examples
  • 1 year access to the membership community forum
  • 1 Additional Partner Membership – so your spouse/partner can also participate and get questions answered
How do I access the videos, coaching calls and community? +

The Blueprint Program includes digital downloads or you can live stream video through the membership website. Immediately after you register, you will receive an email with your login and password to the membership website so you can get started right away. Monthly coaching calls will be announced by email and recorded for the membership website. You can join the community with a link that is emailed to you.

When does the Blueprint Program start and end? +

The Blueprint Program starts when you register for it. The bulk of the content will be released during the next two months—however you’ll have a whole year to get through the content, attend coaching calls and to get support through the community.

When is the program? +

The Blueprint Program is self-paced. Modules are released each week so it is not overwhelming.

• Week 1: Module 1 and bonus guest workshops are available now.
• Week 2: Module 2
• Week 3: Module 3
• Week 4: Module 4
• Week 5: Module 5
• Week 6: Module 6
• Week 7: Module 7
The schedule for live coaching calls will be announced after registration.

Won’t I get the results you’re suggesting here if I just read your blog and watch your public videos? +

There is no amount of content and wisdom we could ever put in an email or blog that could match the magnitude of guidance, wisdom and support you’ll get inside the Blueprint Program.

The Blueprint Program is our flagship program and it’s where we take the concepts we talk about in our live talks, blog and videos and we dive deep into these concepts. It’s one thing to give you a quick tip, it’s another thing to give you a series of tools and then support you on your journey.

What if I can’t make it to the coaching calls when they’re being broadcast? +

No problem. All of the live coaching calls are recorded and archived inside the Blueprint members-only site for easy playback or download. You can visit them over and over again at the time that is most convenient for you. You can email us with a question to address on the call, even if you can’t attend live.

My partner doesn’t want to be involved in the program, will it still benefit me? +

Yes! You and your family can get all the results of the program, even if your partner doesn’t participate. As you start applying the concepts from the class you will become a better communicator. By becoming more attuned to your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy, you are much better equipped to understand your partner and parent as a team.

Am I too new (or too experienced) for the Blueprint Program? +

The class was designed for anyone who is interested in becoming more connected with their children without the struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read every parenting book on the planet or if you’re brand new to all of this. If you are ready and willing to learn and grow, you will find what you are looking for in the Blueprint Membership!

What if I jump in and realize that the program is just not a good fit for me? +

Easy. The Blueprint Program comes with a Money Back Guarantee, allowing you to participate for the entire first month without any obligation to continue. If you decide that the program isn’t right for you in the next 30 days, just let us know and we’ll refund 100% of your money!

I like the idea of this but I just feel like I’m too busy and won’t get my money’s worth? +

We’ve created this class for busy parents so that the time commitment is about 10 minutes a day, or a little over an hour per week for 8 weeks. Anytime you’ve been away from the class, you can jump into the membership site and access any of the material you may have missed for an entire year.


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